Fiber Optics Cable

144 ct Corning SMF28e Glass Fiber

Corning, 144-Fiber, Single-Mode, Loose-Tube, Dielectric, Non-Armored, Single-Jacket, w/ Corning SMF28e Glass

5,000,000+ Feet In Stock!

Cable is on 20,000+ ft. Reels and must be ordered in FULL REELS only!

In Stock, and Ready to Go Now! Full Manufactures Warranty Included!

Price is $0.65 Per Ft.

Update- Only 39 reels remaining!

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Discounted Surplus Fiber

Manufac. Fiber Count Description Part Number Reel Length / FT Price / FT
Prysmian 360 Ribbon, Corning SMF28e, Single-Armor, Single-Jacket on (1) Reel 0360ZBSTRAFEAJC 13,090 $1.00
Draka 168 Loose-Tube, ESMF Glass, All-Dielectric, Single-Jacket on (1) Reel ETH1JKT-12-ES-168-E3 23,375 $0.70
Draka 144 Loose-Tube, ESMF Glass, All-Dielectric, Double-Jacket on (1) Reel ETHNA2J-12-ES-144-E3 12,744 $0.65
Prysmian 96 Loose-Tube, Corning SMF28e, Double-Armor, Triple-Jacket on (1) Reel 0096ZBS1LAFEDAA 10,306 $0.55
Prysmian 96 Loose-Tube, Corning SMF28e, Double-Armor, Double-Jacket on (1) Reel 0096ZBS1LAFEADA 9,950 $0.55
Draka 48 Loose-Tube, ESMF Glass, All-Dielectric, Double-Jacket on (1) Reel EDHNA2J-12-ES-048-EZ 16,435 $0.36
Prysmian 18 Loose-Tube, Corning SMF28e, All-Dielectric, Single-Jacket on (1) Reel 0018ZBS1LAFESJA 25,955 $0.19

Our Fiber moves fast so please check availability!

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240 ct Draka Loose Tube Enhanced Singled Mode Fiber Optic Cable

240-ct-fiber-Draka-loose-tube-ENHANCED-SINGLE-MODE-fiber-optic-cable-light-armorDraka Part No: F-ETH-1A1J-12-BB-240-E3 / loose tube, ENHANCED SINGLE MODE fiber optic cable, light armor

6016′ reel

Not a partial, it is a new uncut reel! Born on date is March 2010. New this reel sold for $14,500!

Our Low Price: $1/ft

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Tell Us What Fiber Optics Cable You Need!

Contact Us and please let us know what type of fiber your needing. It doesn’t matter if you need 500′ or 1,000,000′ we may be able to help you find a great deal on the fiber optic cable you need.

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